Compare And Contrast Essay Between Book And Movie

Yuvleen Kaur

Mrs. Saldana
8th Grade Language Arts

November 5, 2014
Comparing The Giver Book with the Movie
There are many differences betweenThe Giverbook and movie. Some of them are major changes that made a difference in parts of the story. Others are minor changes that did not really change anything. Although the two have slight differences they have the same meaning and convey the same message. In this essay I will be discussing the similarities and differences betweenThe Giverbook and movie.

One major change is that Fiona was interested in working at the Nurturing Center instead of the House of Old. If in the movie Fiona had been a carer for the old instead of a Nurturer the whole ending would have had to be different. Then she wouldn’t have been able to help Jonas when he tried to take Gabriel with him. At the end of the movie, when Jonas needed to know where Gabriel was, Fiona had helped him. Without her knowledge of the Nurturing Center that would not have been possible. I believe that is why the producers of the movie made that change.

Since she was interested in being a Nurturer, in the beginning of the movie Jonas, Asher, and Fiona had gone to the Nurturing Center, where they had met Gabriel. If they hadn’t met Gabriel there themselves, that scene would have been exactly like it was in the book. Jonas would have gone home and found Gabriel.Thenhis father would have told him the baby’s name.

Another change is that in the movie the Annex isn’t located behind the House of Old. The reason I think they made that change is because the House of Old isn’t important in the movie, since Fiona didn’t work there. Also I think the producers of the movie wanted the Annex to be alone and separated from everything. This affected the audience because it made the Annex look a little more different and separate from everything else than the readers of the book originally thought it was.

One of the many minor changes was that Jonas was number 53, instead of 19. This impacted the audience because it made it seem like there are a lot of graduates. When I read the book it seemed like there are only about 50 people in every age group. That made the community seem small and not have a big population. In the movie the number of graduates in Jonas’s group went up to the 100s. This made the community seem bigger and that it has a larger population.

The fact that Lily, Jonas’s sister, was turning into a nine instead of an eighth at the beginning of the movie was a change that didn’t really matter. I believe the author of the book, Lois Lowry, used the fact she didn’t have her bicycle yet, as an addition. Sometimes Lowry would talk about Jonas thinking about teaching Lily how to ride a bicycle before she was assigned her own. Other times Lily would just talk about her being excited about getting a bike.


So, I believe that Lowry just made her an eighth so that it could be an extra idea in the story to make it a little more interesting at times when it got boring. On the other hand, maybe he did that just to make it a little longer.


In the movie the Giver had no beard; this wasn’t an important or major change. I think they did that because they couldn’t find an old and talented male actor with a beard. Without the beard the Giver looked mean. The first time I saw him at Jonas’s ¨graduation¨ he looked very serious and not very kind. The picture of the Giver on the cover of the book made him look so innocent and kind. This impacted the audience’s view on the story a little because the Giver, as they have know by reading the book, is a very kind old man. Although as the story advanced the Giver was faced with pain and problems made me feel bad for him; it also made him look nicer.

Another difference was that instead of a river surrounding the community there was an edge. After going of the edge Jonas kept going straight. He tried to reach the Boundary of Memories which held the memories in. The movie made reaching the Boundary of Memories more difficult. In book all he did was cross the river and the memories started coming back to the people of the community. In the movie there was more suspense, people were wondering whether Fiona was going to get injected or was Jonas going to reach the Boundary of Memories and save her.


I have told you about the many differences betweenThe Giverbook and movie. Now I’m going to state some similarities. One of the things that didn’t change was that everything in the
community was identical. All the dwellings were white and had a weird shape. All the bicycle, according to what age group they belonged to, were identical. Clothes were identical in color but some were different designs.


In this essay, I compared and contrastedThe Giverbook with its movie. Personally I think the movie was better. It could be just because the movie was visual and had a greater effect on everything. Although like I stated earlier in this essay there are a lot of major and minor changes that make the movie really interesting and in ways, better. One thing I want to point out is that the ending of the movie was a lot for adventurous. Though the point of the ending was the same in both the book and the movie. A quote that is at the end ofboththe book and the movie is ¨Behind his vast distances of space and time, from the place he had left, he thought he heard music too. But perhaps it was only an echo.¨


I would love to live in a community where everything is the same. Although I would like to make my own choices and see color. It would be cool if all the houses looked the same from at least the outside. Also this would be a good thing because then no one can say ¨I’m richer than you¨ or ¨I wish I were you¨ because everyone would be the same. A world where there is no starvation and no homelessness is a world everyone wants to live in. But, like I said before I would still like to see color and make my own choices.

I think this movie, in some ways, is like the movieThe Cat in the Hat. The reason I feelthat way is because in both movies the houses are the same. Also inThe Cat in the Hatmost of the people wear the same color clothes. The two movies have a lot of differences along with its many similarities. But that’s not what I’m supposed to talk about. In conclusion, I’d like to say thatThe Giverbook and movie have a lot of similarities and differences that make one better than the other.


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