Puella Magi Madoka Magicka Kyubey Gender Reassignment

Recently the aniblogosphere’s been going gaga over SHAFT’s latest offering, the dubious Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, thought by some bloggers to be more deep than it looks, with references to Faustian motifs and various other pieces of literature hidden amongst its scenes. And of course, with any show with unseen mysteries that compel the audience, theories start spreading like wildfire. Here’s some of my own.

Why? For one, Madoka seems to be the most concerned over her demise, after Homura tells her what happens to Puella Magi who die in the other world, considered missing forever by the police. Seeing as how she’s as scared as fuck about Puella Magi at the moment , Mami’s revival seems unlikely. Secondly, it seems set for Homura to become Madoka’s ‘mentor’ figure, so to speak. While it was previously Mami, Homura gives Madoka lots of advice and helps her relieve some of her depression over Mami’s death. For crying out loud, the OP and ED themes’ covers are both pictures of Madoka with Homura.

I know what you’re saying , ‘They’re probably trolling us!’ Well, who knows if that’s true or not. Right now I can’t see any other reason for Madoka to become a Mahou Shoujo, unless..

  • ….Sayaka is a fool and her contract signing will eventually lead to one or two deaths, possibly her own.

Hot-headed, impulsive, careless yet caring, Sayaka is your cliche school girl friend. Despite what happened to Mami , she seems to feel no fear anyway, joining the group and defeating the witch before Madoka dies. Although she might have saved her now, her ignorance and anger towards Homura could let her end up just like Mami, who similarly ignored her advice.

Her death, or deaths caused by her, could also spur Madoka to become a Puella Magi in an attempt to correct the wrongs. Worse still, they could be forced to fight another over Grief Seeds and conflicting interest.

….and now for the most repeated theory of all:

  • Kyubey is the devil incarnate

“Oh come on, eeeeeeeveryone says that- “

They don’t describe exactly how he is the devil incarnate, do they? They just go about saying on and on how he’s evil without any examples. Let’s just use Episode 4 as a platform.

Kyubey taunts and subtly pressures Sayaka and Madoka into becoming Puella Magi on the rooftop, making comments which might have gave Sayaka the notion of trying to becomg a Puella Magi. (“Only Puella Magi” this, “Only Puella Magi” that, making it sound like some sort of exclusive club.) While Madoka is still afraid, Sayaka becomes a Puella Magi for Kyousuke, and it just so happens that while Sayaka was at the hospital and Kyousuke bursts into rage over his permanent inability to play music, Kyuubey is right there, staring at them. At the last scene, you can see it talking to Kyoko, telling her about Sayaka taking over her area and edging her on to fight. No objections.

It raises a lot of questions. Aside from the age-old question “What in blue blazes is Kyubey?” , you must really consider his motives. He seems as though he wants more and more people to become Puella Magi while knowing at the same time that there isn’t space for more and that they fight with each other unnecessarily  – could he be wanting Puella Magi to die? Next episode Kyoko is even going to fight Sayaka for the area, and I doubt it’ll end pretty. Kyubey might have even caused Kyousuke’s accident on purpose to make her resolve to become a Puella Magi. Remember that twist in Bleach where it turns out Aizen knew Ichigo from the very start? Same idea here – Kyubey’s had his eyes on Sayaka a long time ago. Explains why Homura wants to kill him – possibly because she had found out his secret.

All of which leads to a scarier theory : Kyubey creates all the motivation for them to become Puella Magi. Kyubey can grant any wish. He probably has immense magical powers as well. Let’s say I’m Kyubey. (gasp.) What if I wanted Madoka to become a Puella Magi, and thus I kill Mami right on the spot to make her wish Mami back…? What if I wanted Sayaka to become a Puella Magi , and cause a little ‘accident’? This puts a whole more scarier perspective on things – the girls don’t have any say in the matter, as everything was due to them.

And why? I doubt Kyubey’s some officer of a group of Mahou Shoujo somewhere. Personal gain, perhaps? This gain so much that he can completely lie about the consequences and butter it up regardless of knowing how many girls die, sign them on while baiting others to strike? What if all of these ‘Grief Seeds’ are far more sinister than they appear? Perhaps Kyuubey doesn’t even need them to grant wishes  – perhaps these Grief Seeds contain even more sinister materials, such as immense magic to power some doomsday contraption, or even the souls of dead Puella Magi? Or what if he just plain wants them to die? Does he gain something in the process? Or is he the puppet of an even greater being out there, using him for his/her own nefarious schemes?

Or are we bloggers all just over-scrutinizing this show?

Like this:



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Prequel. Hanbei-centric. Headcanonned Kyubei culture/ civilisation.

Shigeharu wasn't a human, neither was he 'that'.

He forgot it. He'd rather forget what mattered, than live in hell. Not that this body of his wasn't already hell.

The choice was his alone. Fortunately he didn't have to decide, because he was already dying of a purely human illness. On purpose, and so, he locked his own secrets in the back of his mind. Now he was just a pathetic human being, only slightly smarter than some, and waiting to die.

Why should he be more? To stop a death of a universe? Why should he care?


"Hanbei. When will you rest?"

That's right. Somewhere in the back of his mind, the locked memories opened slightly, though only to his subconscious, and rarely conscious, because now, there was an answer. In the unconscious part of his mind: an answer to the question why the universe shouldn't die soon, and, if that man ever decided to make descendants... why, in such case, the universe shouldn't die for even a few or several centuries.

Hideyoshi. Dear Hideyoshi.

TBC: Chapter 4: Time and Failure, and Unremembered Spell

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