11th Grade Research Paper Assignment

Students will choose a topic that he or she has interest in and can find sufficient information about to write a research paper and/or create a corresponding multi-media presentation. 

RUBRICS?  See below for rubric links

TOPIC - Student Choice - Persuasive  

You have some choice...

1. Research Paper

MLA style – 1” margins – 12 pt. Times New Roman – Double spaced – Annotated bibliography with 8-10 sourcesand 3 genres (same research may be used for paper and presentation)

Length Options:

  • 8-10 pages if paper stands alone as project
    • RUBRICS-  Click on the link below and print a copy and include it with your paper.

2. Multi-media Presentation and short paper

4-5 pages and other project elements that will be presented

Subject for Multi-media Presentation: Focus in on a single element (a specific person, event, idea/theme, or item) of the research and develop an in-depth view of that element that goes beyond what was presented in the research paper.  Must have documentation (annotated bibliography) related to the research paper.

Elements (choose 1)

1.         PowerPoint presentation

  • Accompanying notes-information in addition to that presented on slide
  • Student must make presentation
  • 6-10 minute time limit

2.         Performance (video or live) or documentary

  • Written synopsis (1 to 2 pages)
  • 6-10 minute time limit

3.         Original literary/artistic pieces           

  • Poetry or prose collection (15 lines = 1 poem; 2 pages = 1 prose piece)
  • Relevant artistic collection of drawing, paintings, sculptures
  • 6-10 piece limit (in any combination)
4. Student Choice - present your project idea and rubric for instructor approval

Grading The research, writing, and creating of the research project will continue over an extended period of time (approximately 3-5 weeks).  Over that period of time it is expect that the students will make daily/weekly progress towards set deadlines that will be monitored and graded.  Work time outside the class will be required to meet deadlines and complete project.

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