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Internet Safety Essay

First of all the term Internet can be defined as the worldwide system of computer networks in which every user of computer can have an access to the information with the permission to the access from other computers. (, 2011) It is a modern tool for communication, exchanging the information, e-mail, pictures, video and music. The creation of the Internet was crucial for human being because it joined all types of telecommunication such as telephone, radio and television into one and also created new types of communication such as online text messages, video chatting and location detection that allows finding the current place of the user. The information on the Internet is added by Internet users themselves so that everyone can watch and download it. The simplicity of using the Internet is attracting more and more people in all over the world and the popularity of the Internet is growing even among the youngest aged group of people. To this extent the variety of the information online and vast amount of opportunities provided by websites especially attract children due to their curiosity to know and learn more about the world. However, it is important to mention the positive and negative influence of the Internet on children’s development overall in order to protect children from the possibly risks of the Internet misuse and to help children to use all the opportunities of the Internet in a proper way.
The reputation of the Internet use among young children made a lot of researchers conduct the amount of time spent on the Internet by children and overall number of children using the Internet. According to Demner (2001) main reasons to use the Internet for children are entertainment aims such as videogames, chat and e-mail, education such as learning at home with help of Internet if they cannot appear at the lesson and asking for help online with their home tasks. Livingstone (2009) claims that according to researches which were held in several countries, the significant number of children had used the Internet. For instance, in the UK 98 per cent of children aged from nine to nineteen had used the Internet. (Livingstone, 2009) In addition to this number Livingstone (2009) points out that 92 per cent of these children had an access to use the Internet at school, 75 per cent at home and 64 per cent anywhere else. As for the Europe countries researches were made with six and ten year olds, that is 77 per cent of Swedish, 88 per cent of Finnish, 57 per cent of Romanian, 56 per cent of German children of that age used the Internet. (Livingstone, 2009) The highest percentage of children using the Internet showed the United States of America as it was conducted in the work of Livingstone (2009) with 99 per cent usage among 12-18 year olds. Moreover 78 per cent of children aged between 2 and 17 years in this country had an opportunity to go online at home and only 13 per cent of young children had an access to...

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Importance of Internet safety in between variety of information, personal data and property protection is really important. Internet safety is more important for users while accessing online banking services and shopping.

Global computer networks provide us various communication and information exchange facilities. In which big to small users of internet cheated on the internet. Cyber and computer crime is increasing today. Around world the uses of internet in our daily life is increased. The use of web in the online bill payment, shopping, payment services, internet banking, mobile banking and now digital wallets look convincing for users. That’s why internet is good source for hackers, thieves and pickers too to collect any confidential information from any country. So, these are the reasons behind the importance of internet security today around the globe.

Internet technology impacted our life since its inception. It’s important for every citizen of country to use internet safely and securely without leaking private information. Today you can see various cyber crime and about the people cheated on the internet. Even big companies, banking, government websites are hacked and information is leaked very often. So, you can analyse the importance of Internet security for common people of India and other countries.

Internet safety is important to secure online transaction and while using digital wallets in mobiles.  Especially kids, teenagers and less computer and internet literate people cheated more on the Internet. It’s really important for parents to check that isn’t they falling into trap of harmful activities online.

Generally internet do not harm until we choose to react to the suspicious content and websites. First reason internet harm is when you don’t know what you’re doing. The second reason when other force or entice you to react or click on links such as attractive ads, infected software download and messages.

If digital wallet users or net banking user is not familiar with the malicious entities present online then it will create high risk to lose money and personal data. Even it’s not a guarantee that you’re money in digital wallets and bank account is safe after installing anti hacking, antivirus apps and firewall integration. But awareness about cyber criminal, internet security and safety knowledge help us to prevent from malicious activities on the internet.

Cyber criminal can be kids, teenagers, professional and big companies. They use fake IP addresses, email accounts, social media profiles to track people. They change their IP address to other country. Also they steal private information when people carelessly share with unknown people or on social media networks, reply to fake email etc. That’s why it’s very important to reply only for trusted inputs on the internet. And teenagers and kids need to connect only with those people who they know personally. Such security and safety practices are really effective to avoid hackers and spam internet users.

Life without internet is possible but then it’s really hard. Governments are increasing and promoting digital transactions, digital wallets and all kind of cashless transactions methods. This is good. But banks need to keep upgrade their ATM’s, Internet banking application, wallets etc.  Government need to create proper solution and easy to compliant method for online banking users when such fraud happens. It’s less practical to advertise digital transactions when you don’t have enough cyber security infrastructures. And most of the people don’t’ know the difference between http and https. https is most recommended to see before online transactions, you can see it before www in browser URL. https is recommended for all kind websites where people pay bill, transfer money and buy something.

We not only need to do the marketing of cashless economy but also it’s really important to make people aware about cyber crime. And most important what villager will do if his/her money or banking account or wallets are hacked or fraud is happen. What they will do? Where they compliant? How soon their money will be recovered? Who will be responsible? Such things are really important to aware users about it.

The safety on the internet is also important for users because in most of the cases bank will find user responsible for internet fraud and government will say IP address is outside from India so they can’t do abcd.  Bank will say it is your mistake. So, what common people of India will do? Let’s understand this: Cashless transaction is a service introduced for citizen with the regulation of RBI and banks (mobile banking apps). Citizens are customers of banks and banking apps. So, government need to address the problems citizens are facing such as cyber-crime or online banking frauds. That’s why it’s very important to educate the people of India but also give clear guidelines to bank and mobile wallets about their privacy and security reports. Internet safety is not only important for banks and government but also consumer as I told above that they need to get knowledge about internet banking. Many websites, YouTube Videos and news media guiding you about the best way to use internet in mobile and computer while using credit and debit card. Here you can learn: Basic internet safety tips

More than the marketing budget of Digital transactions spends on advertising, it’s really important that they will also spend some amount of Time and Money to advertise cyber-crime awareness and solutions. Governments need special cyber army and police who can solve digital people problems within a time. Also judges and special complaint form in every city can be the solution that handle and solve the internet fraud cases.  Internet safety knowledge is also important for kids and common people of India. We can as a good citizen can share knowledge with each other. That makes people aware to use internet and digital money without worrying about the hacking.

So, according to above fears and facts you can say that importance of internet safety is very important for everyone around this world.

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